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Top Line Process Equipment Company


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Pharmaceutical and Biopharm Products - BPE Compliant with Full Material Traceability


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Top Line BioPharm products are designed and built to meet the most stringent requirements of ultra-pure processing, including the BPE specifications for dimension, surface finish and tolerance. These pumps, valves, fittings and other components are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other ultra-pure industries. Available in sizes from 1/2” to 6”, BioPharm components feature:
  • Type 316L stainless steel
  • Clamp or weld end connections
  • Pin stamping of heat numbers and stainless steel grades
  • High quality electropolishing or other finishes to suit your needs
  • 100% BPE compliant
  • Full material traceability

Every Biopharm product is subjected to rigorous quality control inspections, then capped and shrink-wrapped to ensure safe storage and shipping. Read more about BPE.

→ ASME BPE 2014 - Now Available! -

In Top Line’s continued support of industry standards, we would like to announce that the new 2014 edition of the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) standard is now available for purchase and download from the ASME website.

Top Line and Allegheny Bradford Corporation are proud contributing members to ASME BPE that assist in bringing the very best in engineering and process component knowledge into the standard.

Click here to get the new 2014 BPE edition

Diaphragm Valves
TOP-FLO® hygienic diaphragm valves compete with the leaders in the industry and we can provide many innovative process solutions. Top Line offers standard 2-way, ZERODL™, Point of Use, ZERODL™ T-pattern, L-pattern, Sterile Access, actuation and accessories, forged or cast, 316L stainless steel bodies. 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.


SQ Rotary Lobe & Centrifugal Pump
Top Line’s pumps are ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) or sterilize-in-place (SIP) systems. Easy to maintain and service, these self-draining pumps meet the stringent European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG) standards and feature:

  • Front-loading single or double seals
  • External rotor fixing
  • Sterile barriers


Sample Valves
Top Line low profile sampling valves provide minimum dead leg areas and positive shut off for sensitive fluids. Valves are available with butt weld or sanitary clamp end connections with hose barb discharge as standard. Standard connection sizes are 1/2'' - 6" clamp end. 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.


BPE Fittings
Top Line provides certified BPE fittings in sizes rangind from 1/2'' through 4" in both automatic weld and hygienic clamp ends. 6" fittings are also available. Our precision crafted fittings provide reliable technologically advanced components which are designed for today’s high speed automatic weld equipment.  Our fittings are provided with sanitary finishes that meet or exceed pharmaceutical process specifications with a wide range of complimentary products.  These pharmaceutical fittings are manufactured to dimensional specifications per BPE and demonstrate cost reduction to third party users due to decreased rejection rate. All BPE fittings are protected with end caps, sealed in transparent bags or shrink wrapped and provided with material test reports. 100% BPE Compliant with full material traceability.


Electropolished Tubing
Top Line electropolished tubing sets the standard for service in applications requiring finishes to 15Ra maximum. 20 Ra ID/30Ra OD and 15Ra EP ID/30Ra OD tubing available in sizes from 1/2'' - 6" OD. This full finished stainless tubing is available from stock or direct from the mill in 20' lengths. All electropolished tubing is fully tested and marked per ASTM A450 requirements. 


Ball Valves
TOP-FLO® Series 77 High Purity Ball Valves feature a high quality 316L investment casting. Valves are standard ith sanitary clamp or orbital tube OD ends to BPE standard for sulphur content, and include cavity filled or non-cavity seat material options. Fully traceable wetted parts are standard with MTR’s. 15Ra internal finish standard with finishes available to 10Ra electropolish


Instrument Tees
Top Line instrument tees are specially designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This tee is unique because the diameter of the outlet branch is larger than the run, making it impossible to use conventional manufacturing methods. Instrument Tees feature:

  • Type 316L stainless steel
  • Completely drainable (no deadleg)
  • Automatic buttweld or clamp connections
  • Surface finishes to suit your application

Rubber-fab Products
Top Line maintains a large selection of specialty gaskets, orifice plates and other problem-solving components to meet the unique needs of your sanitary or ultra-pure system. These parts feature the best materials, plus advanced designs based on decades of experience meeting the needs of industries like yours. Our selection of Rubber-fab products includes:
  • Screen Gaskets
  • Orifice Plates
  • Tuf-Steel® gaskets
  • Smart Gasket®
  • Torque-Rite® Clamps

Tuf-Steel®, Smart Gasket® & Torque-Rite® are registered trademarks of Rubber Fab Technologies Group 

Electropolishing Service
Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes surface metal by attacking the high points on the surface. The surface becomes smoother and any contaminants and free ions will be removed. This will improve the corrosion resistance, reduce the product adhesion and contamination buildup, deburr and create a lustrous finish.



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