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Custom cylindrical tanks and stainless steel pressure tanks from Allegheny Bradford are ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology fine chemical, cosmetics, food processing and other ultra pure manufacturing environments. Our engineering specialists and skilled craftsmen work closely with you to design and fabricate vessels for your individual applications. As part of our comprehensive electropolishing process, your tanks undergo precision pre-cleaning, final high-purity cleaning and rinsing, and post electropolishing protection. Because we offer this service at our facility, we can produce the quality finish you need with the quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Whatever your processing needs, from mix and transfer tanks to bioreactors and process vessels, Allegheny Bradford offers the superior quality and personal service you require. To meet our client's growing needs Allegheny Bradford has added new fabrication facilities and upgraded equipment for increased capacity and improved operational efficiency. As a result, we can deliver a wider range of quality tanks. We are committed to excellence in designing and manufacturing stainless steel pressure tanks and vessels that meet the highest standards for performance and quality.

ABC's experienced engineers, fabricators, welders and technicians are eager to design and manufacture your tank control system. as with our other tanks and vessels, ABC tank skids are designed for all types of manufacturing processes. We specialize in adapting to your control platform.

The controls and automation engineers at Allegheny Bradford are trained and experienced in software logic generation and programming of Allen-Bradley, Siemens, DeltaV and other control platforms.  Various network communications can be provided including devicenet, remote I/O, foundation fieldbus, profibus and Ethernet. The electrical department utilizes AutoCAD to provide electrical schematics and point to point wiring diagrams that accurately represent the system design.  Fabrication drawings of the electrical equipment enclosure, dimensional outline drawing showing the location of major electrical equipment, junction boxes, panels and motors are provided

Allegheny Bradford Corporation obtained the China Manufacturing License. We sucessfully passed an intense audit conducted by CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute) . Click here to view License.

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